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John CounselGreetings!

I‘m John Counsel, CEO of The Profit Clinic, but this is my personal blog, so I won’t be wearing that hat here. Instead, I’ll be talking about Fourth Generation™ principles and practices as they apply to network marketing in general and in companies and distributor organizations in particular.

No, I won’t be trashing or promoting specific companies here. I’ll be addressing specific principles and practices and highlighting the differences (and desirabilities — or otherwise) of FIRST Generation versus FOURTH Generation. (There are effectively NO Second or Third Generation companies and opportunities, but I’ll explain more about that later.)

I look forward to sharing ideas, insights and income-earning suggestions with you.

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John Counsel

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“If you always do what you’ve always done…”

You won’t always get what you’ve always got… you’ll get progressively LESS!


TThe law of diminishing returns or principle of diminishing marginal productivity: economic law stating that if one input in the production of a commodity is increased while all other inputs are held fixed, a point will eventually be reached at which additions of the input yield progressively smaller, or diminishing, increases in output.he Law of Diminishing Returns guarantees that your results will dwindle exponentially. The harder you try, the faster the results will diminish. (Hover your cursor over the blue text in the first line for an explanation.)

The Law of Diminishing Returns is an economic law, not necessarily a scientific law (although it’s consistent). Basically, it’s about productivity, and it suggests that simply doing more of the same won’t work forever… it will reach a peak, after which it will go downhill, all the way.

What we need to do, instead, is improve other factors in the production process. Find ways to add leverage and economies of scale. These are the two biggest obstacles to success in most small and home-based businesses.

The single biggest advantage offered by the Network Marketing business model is that it provides a way for you to do exactly that: you can add real leverage and economies of scale through sponsoring other people to do the same as you do.

But just working harder won’t fix it. We have to learn to work smarter, so that we leverage our own results by helping our downline team members to do the same. In coming weeks I’ll post a series of short articles showing ways to do that using simple, powerful models and tools.

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Beware of Barker’s Eggs!

The Barker’s Egg Principle

There are three types of reality: desirable (positive reality), undesirable (negative reality) and counterfeit (negative reality posing as positive reality in order to hoodwink you, since no-one in their right mind would accept the negative, undesirable reality if they knew what it really was.)

John Counsel — 2014 updateI had my first conscious experience of this principle when I was just five years old. It was a salutary lesson in the wisdom of selling with integrity and intelligence

In 1951, I was a Grade Prep student at Colac East Primary School in the beautiful lakes region of the Western District of Victoria, Australia. My aunt used to visit us regularly and, whenever she came, she brought with her bags of Darrell Lea* sweets in attractive, multi-coloured carry bags. I used to collect these bags, and I had a different one for each day of the week, in which I’d carry my school lunch.

In those times of political incorrectness, environmental vandalism and wanton disregard of animal rights (we used less sophisticated forms of emotional blackmail back then), small boys like me used to collect birds eggs.

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Barker’s Eggs in Network Marketing

The Law of SuccessAny MLM “opportunity” that offers a false vision of success without time, effort or self-discipline is almost certainly a barkers’ egg. Discover why this is so critically important: download this eye-opening FREE Insight Report now (see link at end of this article).

You rarely realise how much time and effort you’re wasting until the realisation dawns that you’re not making any money. You’re usually just spending it, instead.

Compensation plans are the prime area for finding barker’s eggs in network marketing. That’s because the reality behind the fancy names and packaging is typically a lot less attractive than they’re made to sound and appear (because so few of them really deliver on their promises). For example…

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Three weeks late, but here at last…

Grandchild #12 finally arrives!

My three youngest grandchildren and meMeet my youngest grandchild, Kael William Martin, fourth son of our second-youngest daughter, Naomi, and Daniel Martin, born at Mercy Hospital, Werribee (an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia) on 28 November 2014 — Thanksgiving Day, as my US grandchildren reminded me. Here he is, about 3 hours old. That’s me holding Kael, showing Saxon and Lennox their baby brother for the first time.

He was due to arrive on 7 November but decided he was comfortable where he was, with no sign or indication otherwise. So Naomi’s doctor scheduled her for an induced delivery on Thursday, but an unexpected influx of late deliveries meant that the hospital ran out of beds in its maternity wing and Naomi was sent home until the next day.

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Couple under cloudI’ve been absent from the network marketing arena for about three years now, due to ongoing health challenges. But I’m feeling a lot better and it’s time to start helping people again. So here’s what I’d like to know:

Do ANY of these questions apply to YOU?

  1. Been in MLM for ages but still can’t build a team?
  2. New to the business and can’t get the help you need?
  3. Sponsor or upline leaders not interested in you?
  4. Live too far from your sponsor or upline to get help?
  5. Starting to lose faith — especially in yourself?

Bright stars!If so, I invite you to join my Facebook Group here…

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This Group is for YOU if you want to build your network marketing business using Fourth Generation Thinking™ principles and methods.

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